Are you suffering from interrupted sleep due to obstructed airflow? Do you know someone who snores regularly? These are common symptoms of sleep apnea, which can negatively affect your sleep patterns and cause you to feel fatigued throughout the day. That is why our dentist and team offer treatment for sleep apnea with NightLase® in Knoxville, Tennessee. To learn more about how a NightLase procedure might help you, call Southland Dental at 865-671-1544 to talk to our team and schedule an appointment with Dr. Drew Shabo.

NightLase is a noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure with no downtime to successfully open airways on patients with sleep apnea and eliminate or reduce snoring. This is a short, 20-minute treatment with a very high success rate, without requiring appliances or compliance! Click on the image below to hear a testimonial and see clinical information from Dr. Van Gurp at the TMJ and Sleep Center and see Dr. Skinner perform a NightLase procedure using the LightWalker® dental and sleep laser. We have found that 78% of patients experience a measurable improvement of over 50% after the first treatment.

NightLase could help you sleep better and have more energy throughout the day. Call 865-671-1544 to speak with a member of our team at Southland Dental today and schedule your consultation with Dr. Drew Shabo.